We are an independent Australian distillery.
We take care in making our spirits. We use traditional methods, quality ingredients, tinker and taste as we go and bottle each small batch by hand.

Hippocampus Gin

Released late 2015, Hippocampus Gin is created using the help of one-shot method and is hand-bottled in small batches at our distillery. It is a traditional style gin with superb juniper character and subtle flavours from botanicals which have been used to make gin for hundreds of years. Our very first batch of Hippocampus Gin received a gold medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition so it’s fair to say we’re pretty chuffed with the result.

Our gin is made using the one-shot method (never from concentrate) and our distiller’s personal recipe. The botanicals are macerated overnight to ensure the spirit is infused with plenty of flavour and then gently distilled in our custom-made copper still. Our gin is left unfiltered as we only take the best of the ‘heart’ spirit. We simply add purified water before bottling by hand and leaving it to rest.

A dry gin with superb juniper character and subtle flavours from botanicals including orange and lemon peel, coriander and cubeb pepper. Only the best of the ‘heart’ spirit is kept to ensure the end result is a well-balanced gin with a smooth mouthfeel and a superb finish.

Hippocampus Gin ABV 41.5%


Hippocampus Vodka

Making vodka is a bit like crafting a pilsner in the world of beer… it’s about being very disciplined, technical and finessing a delicate taste. We wanted to make our vodka from “from the ground up” so we start with the grain to ensure the base wash was spot on before distilling. Based on the belief the better the input the better the output, we source the best wheat we can get our hands on. The 100% Australian wheat forms the vodka’s base ingredient and is a seriously good starting point for a truly clean and great tasting vodka.

The wheat is fermented in small batches with filtered water to create a “wash” that is as pure and flavourful as possible. The wash is then introduced to the still, and distilled through two 10 plate copper columns, which allows for lots of interaction with the copper (to remove impurities) while producing a spirit that is super smooth. After distillation only the best of the “heart” spirit is kept and the rest is discarded, including the heads and tails. Because only the heart is kept, there is no need to filter the spirit and this ensures that maximum character, a soft texture and the delicate flavour of the wheat is retained in the finished product. Finally, we blend the spirit with purified water, bottle by hand and left to rest before release. It is a labour intensive process, but one that we believe sets our product apart by allowing us maximum control over every aspect of the process.

It took almost 9 months of tinkering with the ingredients, recipe and distillation process to fine-tune our vodka. The result is rich, smooth and distinctly Australian vodka crafted from the ground up.

Hippocampus Vodka, ABV 40%


Bangkok Gin

And so Bangkok Gin is born – a collaboration between Long Chim’s renowned concoctor of cocktails James Connolly, and one of Australia’s finest distillers Lex Poulsen of Hippocampus.

James has established himself as one of the country’s leading bartenders with a fondness for the bold flavours of South East Asia and in particular the Kaffir Lime Leaf. The long held desire for a spirit with such tastes along with the rich Thai aromatics, and an opportunity to work with the Hippocampus team has given life to this highly original Bangkok Gin.

To go alongside our rigid backbone of classic gin botanicals, we selected a trio of botanicals widely recognised as being very Thai; Kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass and ginger. The juniper berries are macerated in spirit overnight to extract plenty of goodness. In the morning, all of the remaining botanicals are added to the pit and heat is introduced to begin distillation. Lex is always pretty aggressive with the heads cut to avoid any harsh character in the final product. The distillation resulted a good hearts yield and once the spirit started becoming bitter it was cut to tails and the run was stopped.

A super aromatic, punchy, vibrant and unique gin. The kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass are really pronounced, as is the juniper. The coriander seed gives great citrus notes that play off the other botanicals. There is warmth from the ginger, earthiness from the orris root and everything comes together. Adding the gin to tonic water really accentuates the lemongrass.

Hippocampus x Long Chim Bangkok Gin, ABV 45%



We recently packed up our Hippocampus distillery, bar and cellar door and moved across the country to Melbourne’s southeast to become part of Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers. The move is a wonderful opportunity for Hippocampus; we have so many exciting things planned and are thrilled to be under the same roof as Boatrocker.

Pop in to the Boatrocker Barrel Room to see Kylie, our custom-made copper pot still, settled among the barrels.



The Barrel Room is open to the public on Fridays from 4pm until 11pm and Saturdays & Sundays from 12pm until 6pm serving drinks, pizzas and a bit of banter.

Visit Us: 34 Macbeth Street, Braeside VIC 3195
Call Us: +61 406 626 072
Email Us: questions@boatrocker.com.au

Tours & Functions

Our Tours & Functions are currently unavailable while we settle into our new home in Victoria.

The Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers Barrel Room features 8 taps of rotating Boatrocker beers, the line up of Hippocampus spirits as well as a spectacular view of Kylie, our beloved still. We’re open Friday, Saturday & Sunday – come for a look, come for a beer, come say hello.



About Us

Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery
We are an independent Australian distillery founded in 2014 by a group of West Australian spirit enthusiasts who share a passion for handcrafted, quality spirits. Our reason for being is simple: to craft superb Australian spirits, the traditional way. We take care in making our spirits. We use traditional methods, quality ingredients, taste and tinker as we go and bottle each small batch by hand.

Our Still
Our beautiful copper still was custom-made in Germany by the family-owned company Carl who have been making artisan distilleries for 140 years.

The 450 litre copper pot still is steam driven, to provide gentle and uniform heating which gives maximum control over the distilling process and allows us to preserve the essence of the grain.

The two ten plate distillation columns can be reconfigured at will to provide maximum flexibility and allow us to experiment with a variety of spirit styles. This flexibility and the ability to taste and tinker throughout the distillation process is an important part of the Hippocampus philosophy and ensures the highest quality, handcrafted spirits are the result.

Our Distiller:
Our distiller, Lex, studied Pharmacology and Biochemistry at university before a chance meeting took him to Norway where he worked in a remote brewery and micro-distillery. This experience ignited a passion for creating handcrafted-spirits and after returning to Perth Lex became our distiller at Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery. He now continues the Hippocampus story at our new location, under the roof of Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers, in Braeside, Victoria.




The Hippocampus line up can be found at many great independent retailers across Western Australia and Victoria as well as independent bars and bottleshops in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney.
You can also purchase directly from us.




To enjoy a Hippocampus tipple at your local bar or restaurant get in touch with us and we will direct you to where our vodka and gin is being enjoyed near you.



WA– Available through ALM and Liquid Mix

VIC – Available through Paramount

NSW– Available through Paramount

QLD – Available through Liquid Specialty Beverages


For more information on where you can find our spirits near you, email questions@boatrocker.com.au

Contact Us


Visit Us: 34 Macbeth Street, Braeside VIC 3195 (inside the Boatrocker Barrel Room)
We are open to the public
Friday: 4pm – 11pm
Saturday: 12pm – 6pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

Call Us: +61 406 626 072




WA – Available through ALM and Liquid Mix
VIC – Available through Paramount
NSW – Available through Paramount
QLD – Available through Liquid Specialty Beverages

Sales Enquiries orders@boatrocker.com.au

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